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From the outset, and C will work with you to your budget, from opening discussions on your needs through planning and measurements to delivery. Balance is everything with interior designs and we understand the impact curtains bring to the atmosphere you are aiming to create. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Consultation in our showroom
Welcoming you to our showroom, we will walk you through our extensive collection of samples and catalogs and our coordinator will work with you and your designs, concepts, photographs and materials to discuss your needs. We’re happy to meet with you as many times as needed. Please contact us to make an appointment.


Proposal, Estimate
Based on the consultation in our showroom and follow-up discussions, we will prepare our proposal and estimate for you at no charge.


Measurements and On-site meeting
Taking measurements is more than taking the size of the windows. We take into consideration various factors such as the characteristics of the fabric, the appearance of the curtain in the actual setting, and its harmony with other elements of your interior, such as your furniture. Our highly experienced staff will take measurements on-site together with large format samples.


Production, Finishing
Our made-to-order curtains pay attention to every detail, including seams and style, that rival any you might find in global sources.


Completion & Delivery
Delivery timing depends on the fabric and style of your curtains and is usually within one to three weeks after completing our onsite measurements and signing of contracts. Our staff of professionals will deliver your order, even where other companies might not deliver.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or use the form below to arrange a consultation or measurements for your project.

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